Thursday, 30 August 2007

Quilts from the Alhambra - Star Octagon

Star Octagon is another recurring pattern in Moorish decoration, used in tiling, screens and many other contexts. It adapts easily to patchwork piecing, only two templates being needed to form the pattern which is built up in squares.

In this version I've used a border fabric to add complexity to the design, as you can see in the detail shown below.


threadspider said...

I love this series of quilts inspired by the Alhambra, which is one of my favourite places on earth. My daughter has asked me to make one of similar design. I'm not sure I have the skill yet, but I might give it a go. I hope you are going to make some more.

Celia said...

Maybe one day I'll get to see the Alhambra for real - all I have now is just about every book ever produced on the subject! I've been studying and pondering these geometric syles of decoration for years and feel I can never really understand them or get to the end of them. They are an unending source of fascination and inspiration.

I'm just preparing to give my talk on Islamic Arts and Crafts to a quilting group in Knutsford and am trying complete a few more items inspired by these patterns to take with me.

The interlaced star pattern shown in some of the earlier postings is dead easy to make - honest! So if you'd like to use that for your daughter's quilt, I could let you have the templates and method. In fact, if I get round to it, I'll try to post a How To on this blog - but it'll be a while because, as aforementioned, I've got a lot on at the moment.

threadspider said...

Thanks for the offer Celia- I am happy to wait for you to blog it, epsecially as you are very busy. I too adore those intricate patterns and have spent several holidays in Spain just gawping at them! Best of luck with your talk-love to hear how it goes. Be sure and take some pictures.