Friday, 25 January 2008

The Jewel-Bright Sampler Quilt

For this Sampler quilt, the theme was predominantly reds and greens in jewel-bright colours. There are fifteen blocks set on point and joined with sashings and posts. The triangle in-fills round the edge are a Turkey red print, a repro fabric I bought for another project which I never got round to.
The quilt was put together and quilted by my friend, Debbie, who is a whizz at machine-quilting large quilts. Using nothing more technically sophisticated than her domestic sewing machine, she quilts each individual block to suit the pattern. I Like this way of machine quilting much better than the 'all-over' patterns you get when you send the quilt for long-arm quilting, which to my eye results in a rather deadening effect on the surface and detracts from the individuality of the quilt.